Effective Date:21/7/2015


This policy statement establishes handling policy of customer information we collect as the customer agreed to a contract with a service (“services”, more detail {※1}) that Prior Holdings groups (“our groups”, *described in {2. ABOUT THE MEANING OF WORDS}) provide.


In this privacy policy, the words “personal information” (※2),“personal data”(※3) represent each clauses of article 2 in [Personal Information Protection Law (Japan)] In this privacy policy, “our groups” means Prior Holdings and the affiliate companies, any partnering companies. Therefore the companies designated as “our groups” will be uploaded as needed.
These are the companies that are in “our groups” (※5). In this policy, “a provider of a service” means any person in charge, the affiliate company who receives order information from a customer.


We collect information about you below. The following are examples of information we may collect from you

(1)Name, address, phone number (mobile and FAX), e-mail address, your company name, department, position, company’s address, other contact information, nickname, birthday, gender as well as any information you give us.
Name, address, phone number (mobile and FAX), e-mail address, your company name, department, position, company’s address, other contact information (“address information”) that outside people designate as gifts or the other party.
Information that provided to us from our provider of a service through our official procedure of handling information.

(2)Information collected from utilization of services
The data that we collect from your any reservations, contracts, purchases, events history.
Any description information of inquiries to our groups or providers of services, participations to events or questionnaires, using a massage board by email, mail or any other ways.

(3)Information collected by computers
We collect additional user information automatically by computers such as IP address, dates and times of access to the website, our customer service (ex. Classy Culture Care) and other information about visiting the website.


We will only use and share your information as described in this policy to:
*We will use the address information provided from other parties only for (4) or (6) unless the person himself accepts.

(1)As you use our bridal services and other subsidiary services.
When you login our site or when you authenticate, your information will be shown automatically after signing of services.

(2)To perform contract
When you apply to any contracts of reservations, dealing, purchases, events, we use information to respond to your questions and provide customer services.

(3)Advertising and marketing
Providing advertising information towards customers
Sending information to you by email, mail or phone call about services
Analyzing services to promote them by providing questionnaires, events or massage boards

(4)To answering inquiries
Responding to you about services by email, mail or phone call

(5)Another case
Corresponding the above (1) to (4), we might use necessary information to provide services

(6)Staff may also need information
Offering privacy information to provider of services according to [5.


We handle privacy information according to the Personal Information Protection Law.

We will use and share customer’s information among our groups as needed.
(1)The private information we use collectively is the same as [3. INFORMATION WE COLLECT].
(2)We only share the information among our groups. (※5)
(3)The purpose of using the information is described in [4. HOW WE USE INFORMATION WE COLLECT]
(4)Prior Holdings is in charge of taking control of information. If you have any question, please contact us at [8. CONTACT INFORMATION]

Our groups share customer’s information among providers of services to perform any contracts of reservations, dealing, purchases, events, and analyze the purchases to operate and promote our services. Our groups obligate the way of handling privacy information.
(1)Information we share with our provider of services are the same as described in [3. INFORMATION WE COLLECT]
(2)The way of sharing information are through our managing system, electronic mediums or papers.


Our groups might ask you to cooperate to keep your information as safe and up-to-date as possible.
We take reasonable steps to help protect your personal information in an effort to prevent loss, misuse, unauthorized access.
We deal with a procedure about disclosure information immediately.


You are possible to (1)confirm, (2)correct/add/delete, (3)discontinue the utilization of retained personal data. (※4)


Prior Holdings head office takes responsibilities to respond any complaints, inquiries, confirmation
〒373-0015 354-3, Higashi shinmachi, Ota, Gunma
Prior Holdings

9. EST.

According to the Personal Information Protection Law, we might handle the information in different ways.


※1“Service” means what we provide to requested orders
Requested orders specified by customers
Requested orders according to the customers’ needs
Requested orders we indicate important
A state and regulation request

※2“Personal information” includes name, birthday and other information that we can identify people who is alive.

※3“Personal data” are digitalized information.

※4“Retained personal data” designates the personal information that we have a right to disclosure, correction, add or delete, discontinue of the utilization, delete or suspend to provide data to the third parties. The below are the exceptions, and not be deleted in six months.
(1)If the data was disclosed, the person or the other people might get threatened or their estates might be harmed.
(2)If the data was disclosed, that had a possibility to promote or induce illegal and improper conducts.
(3)If the data was disclosed, the country might get threatened, the relationship between the other countries or any international authorities might be assassinated.
(4)If the data was disclosed, that would pose problems for preventing and bringing under crimes.

※5“Our groups” includes:
1. Prior Holdings Co., Ltd.
2. Hibiya Palace Co., Ltd.
3. Hibiya Palace
4. Villa des Mariages Utsunomiya
5. Villa des Mariages Ota
6. Villa des Mariages Oyama
7. Villa des Mariages Saitama
8. Villa des Mariages Nagano
9. Villa des Mariages Karuizawa
10. Villa des Mariages Marsumoto
11. Villa des Mariages Takasaki
12. Angelo Court Tokyo
13. Isesaki Prior Palace
14. Kiryu Prior Palace
15. Grace Itd.
16. Juliet Rosa
17. Paris office
18. Milan branch
19. Ginza Avenir Ginza
20. Ginza Avenir Gunma
21. Ginza Avenir Utsunomiya
22. Bridal Fortune
23. Bar de Chocolat
24. Mademoiselle C
25. Li Pore
26. Les Patissieres
27. Maison Premiere

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