London and Tokyo

Nowadays even if new big cities emerge all over the world, London and Tokyo are still the most well-known cities by everyone.
After Azurmendi, Eneko Atxa opened Eneko. Different from Azurmemndi, Eneko is a bistro style restaurant in conformity with the international life style of the metropolis.

Eneko's first choice was London, a city where new cuisine trends are constantly created and where you can find many restaurants ranked high in the World's 50 Best Restaurants chart.
As his second restaurant abroad, Eneko chose Roppongi, Tokyo's quiet area full of embassies. In Roppongi you can find a lot of open-minded people who are flexible about different kind of styles from all over the world. That is the reason why Eneko chose Roppongi.
The entrance of Eneko Tokyo reminds us of Azurmendi and conveys a feeling of openness.



〒106-0031 TOKI-ON Nishiazabu 3-16-28 Nishiazabu Minato-ku Tokyo
8 minutes walk from Roppongi station exit 1c, Hibiya subway line
9 minutes walk from Hiroo station exit3, Hibiya subway line

B1F banquet hall (100 seats) / 1F chapel and Pinchos Bar / 2F Restaurant (30 seats)


Entertainment restaurant where you can enjoy Eneko Atxa's cuisine enriched with Japanese seasonal ingredients

There are 3 things we would like to transmit to you with Eneko Tokyo:
First, we are going to charm you using with the japanese ingredients. Secondly, we will make you feel the 4 Japanese seasons while you are enjoying Eneko's cuisine. Thirdly, you will trascend the pleasure of eating, with a very entertaining restaurant.

Eneko Tokyo has an indoor and outdoor space. The second one gives customers the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful meal under a starry sky from spring to autumn.
The restaurant also has an open kitchen with 44 seats so that you can see the chef cooking.
We have 3 private rooms for private meals and each room has its own balcony. You can choose how to spend your time at Eneko Tokyo, depending on your mood or the people you wish to sped your time with.

Lunch and dinner have each two menus with aperitif included. (Lunch with aperitif and 4 plates, dinner with aperitif and 7 plates.)
The menus don't include just good plates but also many surprises that Eneko wants you to discover to make this a wonderful and unforgattable experience.

We will announce the details of the menus by the end of the summer, but the reservations have already started.

TEL. 03-3475-4122
Business hours 11:00 ~ (Closed on Mondays)
TEL. 03-6225-5495
Business hours 10:00-20:00 (Closed on Tuesday)

〒106-0031 TOKI-ON Nishiazabu 3-16-28 Nishiazabu Minato-ku Tokyo
8 minutes walk from the exit 1C of Roppongi station (Hibiya subway line)
9 minutes walk from the exit 3 of Hiroo station (Hibiya subway line)
10 minutes walk from the exit 3 of Roppongi Station (Toei Oedo subway line)

Closed:Mondays, New Year's holidays, open on weekends and national holidays (closed during weddings)