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Gastronomy style wedding

The concept is a "gastronomic style wedding produced by a three star chef ". And this chef is of course Eneko Atxa.
With high skills and a artistic sense, Azurmendi's gastronomy offers a very entertaining wedding.
The idea is to cherish the time between your arrival at Eneko Tokyo until you seat at your table, with delicious surprises and performances that make this day the most beautiful of your life.

The 4 stories of Eneko Tokyo

Like a long novel, "we don't think about Eneko as a place you just eat but as a long novel with chapters, and we want to make you feel our culture along the way.

The story of - ENEKO Tokyo -
Chapter1 "Picnic"
Chapter2 "Ceremony"
Chapter3 "Cocktail"
Chapter4 "Party"
The gastronomic style wedding has 4 chapters.

In a picnic mood, you will be served a picnic basket containing 3 treasures. You can enjoy this aperitif degustating those treasures with one and, and a delicious glass of champagne in the other one. This aperitif is a soothing time before the ceremony.

The ceremony will be done in a very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. In a non formal way, the garden chapel outside the restaurant has been adapted to celebrate in the best way possible the happiness of the married couple.

The guests can enjoy alcohol contemplating art. The chef cooking and performing in front of you in the open kitchen will also entertain the guests. The unity feeling between the chef and the guests creates a colourful wedding like a cocktail.

Around the tables, guests smile and discuss happilly. The great quality wines, carefully selected, will accompany and exalt all the savours of the cuisine. The artistic interior of the place and the music stimulating the good mood of the guests will make the party as magnificient as possible.

In order for this beautiful day to remain forever in everyone's memory, we, Eneko Tokyo, will do our best to organise a wonderful wedding for you and all your relatives and friends.

TEL. 03-3475-4122
Opening hour 11:00-20:30
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TEL. 03-3475-4122
Opening hour 11:00-20:30
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〒106-0031 TOKI-ON Nishiazabu 3-16-28 Nishiazabu Minato-ku Tokyo
8 minutes walk from the exit 1C of Roppongi station (Hibiya subway line) / 9 minutes walk from the exit 3 of Hiroo station (Hibiya subway line)

Closed:New Year's holidays, open on weekends and national holidays (closed during weddings)